Race Rules:

Race Course: Caution and the safety of others must be observed at all times. Obstacles are challenging and safety for self and others is of the highest importance. Race directors reserve the right to pull runners off the course if runners exhibit disruptive or unsafe behavior that endangers themselves or others. Directors will be stationed throughout the course to help runners navigate the course and obstacles. Emergency vehicles will be stationed at strategic locations to assist runners who need to leave the course.

Obstacles: Care should be taken to complete obstacles in the way you are directed. Directors stationed at each obstacle will provide instructions. Some obstacles have ropes that can be used if you feel the terrain is too steep. Ropes do not have to be used but rather are there for your safety. If obstacles cannot be competed, Race Directors will give you further instructions.

Impaired Runner Policy:
Medical personnel are authorized to remove from the race course any runner deemed medically impaired without an automatic disqualification.
To be allowed to continue the race, a runner must:

a) be able to proceed in a straight path toward the finish line;
b) be able to explain who they are, where they are on the course, and what they are doing;
c) look clinically fit to proceed with good skin color and body appearance
d) be able to maintain a reasonable running posture.

Alcohol: Alcohol is strictly prohibited on Ya Ka Ama property. Any spectators or participants who bring alcohol onto the property will be DQ from race and asked to leave property.

iPods: The use of iPods or any other listening devices is strongly not recommended. Electronic devices would suffer extreme damage from the terrain, obstacles, water and mud on this course. Please do not bring them to the race as Russian River Mud Run is not responsible for your electronic devices if they are lost, stolen or damaged.

Spectators: Spectators are allowed to enter SRJC campus & Ya Ka Ama land for free. They will have to pay a $10.00 CASH parking fee. Spectators are not allowed on the course at any time. 

Vehicles:   Vehicles will be directed to the designated parking areas once they enter the Ya Ka Ama. Areas for watching the race are only accessible by foot. The charge for parking is $10 day-of per car. There is no parking off campus. Please plan on bringing cash to pay for parking. 

Cancellations/Postponements/Modifications:  The Race Director reserves the right to cancel or modify the Mud Run in consideration of number of race participants, extremely adverse weather conditions, other health or safety factors and issues that pose an imminent threat to competitors or volunteers.

Race entries are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The Race Director reserves the right to disqualify any individual who does not comply with these rules.  ​